Holiday accommodation in WA’s South West
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Down South Holidays, logo story

At Down South Holidays, we are passionate about the South-West’s beautiful natural environment and just couldn’t go past our favourite iconic plant, the grasstree genus Xanthorrhoea, to represent what we are all about.

Local Xanthorrhoeas are very slow growing, tough but also very striking with their long, green spiked leaves that rise out of an often black-burnt trunk.

It’s a complicated plant that can have multiple trunks, tall flowering spikes covered in tiny white flowers … and snakes hiding in its girth.

This plant has adapted really well to its surroundings and is found in almost every corner of the South West, from the heart of untouched native bushland and cow paddocks to front gardens and street verges in new housing subdivisions.

Our logo centres the grasstree above a sketch of gentle coastal waves, a nod to the calm waters of Geographe Bay but also to the wild, wild Indian Ocean that brings the salmon run and the annual whale migration. The great surfing and swimming waters too.

All encircled by the marks of a compass.

Head south. You will be most welcome here.